What is it?

BitBattle lets your subscribers, donations, bits and followers fight against each other

It's highly customisable and uses virtually no resources. It supports custom cheer emotes and picks up the correct subscriber badges from your channel. It comes with sensible default settings so all you have to do is enter your channel name to get started.

This is how it works

Supporters – the way you like them

Have your subscribers spawn using the correct subscriber badge according to their subscriber streak length or use a random emote instead – or don't have them spawn at all. It's up to you. Want donations spawning in money bags? Just connect BitBattle to streamlabs and you are ready to go!

Damage everything – or not

Customise the damage behaviour to your liking. With friendly fire on, bits take damage as they bump into each other. Want more of a king of the hill style fight? Turn on chaos mode and have your bits turn on each other until only one survives.

Transparency easy

BitBattle uses true window transparency so you always get the best picture quality in your recording software.

A little attribution doesn't hurt

With multiple settings, you can have your bits display the name of the person giving them depending on different conditions.

You don't need to adjust your overlay to BitBattle because BitBattle adjusts to you. Bits can move out of the way or completely fade to invisibility when no fight is happening.

Small stream? Lots of room for growth!

Feel like your audience does not warrant enough bits or subscribers yet? BitBattle can spawn in new followers with customizable power in their fight against the bit armies!